Ten things about me, okay a few more that 10…


I’m stuck, again, with writing one of my stories, well, actually an outline. I got a new idea for a new story and have been trying to outline for the last couple of days. I got a little bit done today, but I am still stuck. I thought that if I had a large cup of coffee and a HOT brownie I could put more words down on paper – computer screen. Well, that didn’t really work but I did come up with something else I could write about – me, sort of.

A few things you may not know about, well, since most people, online, know nothing about me anyway, I found 10 things, or more, that I am willing to post. Ten things, (or more if can think of them.)

  1. I am a big sports fan. I love sports, well just Baseball, football and college basketball and football, golf, and tennis.
  2. I am very active. I still play softball, bowl, golf, ride my bike just about every day, walk 5 miles every other day, and run on the odd days, I go camping, I love to kayak and I am in a ski club, a very active club.
  3. I am an extrovert, introvert. Meaning I love giving parties (17 years of Super Bowl parties). However, I also enjoy being here, alone, at home, by myself either writing, or watching sports on the boob tube.
  4. I meditate.
  5. I am a vegetarian. I haven’t had red meat in 35 years. I was a pescatarian for 10 of those years (when I was married)
  6. I am a cat person. I have two cats, one who is sitting in my lap as I type this list. At one time, with my first wife, we had nine cats!
  7. I am a dreamer. Have been since I was in my teens.  Most of my stories, that I outlined, as of today, 52 outlines, I dreamt about way back then. I had a dream the other night and, hence the new outline I am stuck on, today.
  8. I love to talk. It’s hard for me to end a conversation.
  9. I would rather pick up the phone and call my friends and family. (They never call, though).
  10. I love to laugh. I watch more funny things on the boob tube than anything else.
  11. I’m have a need to know, so I watch the news more often than not.
  12. I’m retired.
  13. I have a 129 IQ… Okay, I took that test 40 some odd years ago, but hey, it still works for me.
  14. I love word games. My mother was a scrabble master and it rubbed off on me.
  15. I’m a cancer survivor.
  16. I am now a writer and Author!

Now that I think about I have many, many more things about me, but I am also a very private person – naw, not really.


For the love of housework…


For all intent and purposes, I am just your average guy, in my case, I’ve always been slightly above average, but of course, I digress. I made note the other day, about trying to find something to write about when you get writer’s block working on your novel.

In the meantime I have been cracking my head open to find something to write about in the writing and publishing world, well, just for this blog. I have another blog that I write about life, love and the pursuit of my happiness…and my cats.

Anyway, I read that in order to help crack that writer’s block one needs to do something. What came up was doing housework. So, the other day I decided to get up from the TV and wash the dishes. And, by gosh, that worked. I ended up writing a 1000 word essay on, something; I can’t remember what I wrote, though.

The next day I decided to vacuum all the carpets, wash and fold a couple loads of clothes, and repair my down comforter, which my cats are ripping to shreds. After I finished all of that I sat down in front of my computer and opened up Word, getting ready to write something. Nothing came to mind, I was stumped, I couldn’t think of a thing to write. I ended up finding a couple of old, published poems and put them up on my blog.

I wasn’t going to do that today by hook or dustpan. I decided that I would clean up the kitchen and of course wash the dishes, good old housework.

The more I think about it, being that “average guy” I have always, just about all my life, done housework. I’ve been divorced for the last 24 years so I have always had to do something around my apartment and house in those many years. In the late 90s a co-worker suggested to me to get a housekeeper and her friend was available.

That lasted about a month; I figured why would I pay someone to do the things that I was capable of doing? And to be honest, I had no problems doing housework; I rather enjoyed doing it. For some very odd reason I enjoyed vacuuming. When I was a youngster I use to drag the vacuum around. I got out of dragging it around but use it weekly now.

As I think back my Mother gave my two brothers and four sister chores to do around the house, my mother was strict about that. So, doing housework never bother me one bit. I do remember, in my middle teens, my mother hired a housekeeper, or she could have been one of my mother’s friends who helped around the house more often than not.

Today it happened again, my mind is a blank, but not so much so. I just don’t know which story to work on this moment. I have one finished story that I am waiting on a friend to finish the cover, to which he volunteered to help me quite a while ago. I told him, one way or another I am publishing on March 22! I made a cover on my own, but I would really love to use his cover.

Anyway, another story is finished but part two is only 34000 words but I can’t think of who I can blame for one of the murders so I am stuck there. Two other stories I want to add more words. Both are under 17000 words. So many unfinished stories and my mind is blank on all of them.

So…into the kitchen I went. Yes, I have one of those automatic dishwasher and all the conveniences of home. But, I guess, I am still old school. Yes, I still, sometimes mop the floor on my hands and knees and still wash the dishes by hand, just about every apartment I have lived in had a dishwasher, but I never cared to use them unless I have a party and I threw a lot parties in my time, to a small degree I still do.

Where am I going with this? Well, it sat me down in front of my computer, music playing (the Rolling Stones Sympathy for the Devil playing this very moment), and am writing this. And after I finish writing this for my blog I am going to open up that short story and see if I can enhance it.

Yes, housework can open your mind, well at least my mind and of course meditation and running everyday helps.

I am just glad I have a washer and dryer.



My Muse

I see my muse; she is over there,

In the moonlight, barely visible, yonder!

Shame, for she hides her face,

As not to reveal her tears.

Her tears are of joy I say of thee,

Her voice a musical delight, to hear every night.

My fantasies are of her mirthful intentions.

How I long for her to nourish my soul, my mind.

To dance with her on a long summer’s night

Writing torrid scripture and turning it into romance.

A way to rationale my dream of ending this chase,

To touch the tears, streaming on her face.

This chase I endure, I wait much longer,

As idealistic as it seems, she pauses, slightly…

Shame, for she hides her face, once more,

As not to reveal her tears.

Hard Rain

Rain, erotic, a sensual downpour.

Passion radiating through my body.

This downpour… hearken… my heartbeat quickens

an ecstasy… delightful… spreads within.

My fantasies beckon’s me, I open up.

Rain drenches my nakedness throughout.

It cleanses my soul as I frolic

I call your name, but the rain is deafening, now.

Drenched, I reach out and take your hand

I kneel before you.

Water trickles down, from erect nipples

Soft, yet supple to my gentle touch.

Bedew cascades down your luscious curves.

I use my tongue to open your flower and

Drink the rain from parted sheath.

The rain now easing, my fantasy ebbs.

I wait for another time when the rain may fall.

Hoping that you’ll join me, exploit me, use me.

For now, my fantasy lives on, the rain will continue.