Resolutions – substitutions; Just say no to Resolutions



It’s that time of the year again, time for Resolutions. I have posted many times that I do not make resolutions; I just plan and do the deeds. However, I say this every year and I do make a list of things that I have to do to keep my sanity, especially in the realm of writing.

I have been writing, but only posting to my blog. Why you ask? I gotta stop drinking, procrastinating and going onto Facebook, and watching sports, and…but I digress.

I am not going to get caught up in the hype of resolutions, on the first day of January. Besides, I think all resolutions are a precursor to failure. However, I personally find that there really isn’t anything wrong with failure, failure means, you at least tried.

What I am going to do, try and maybe fail, and or, try and succeed, well, there are a bunch of things that I must do for the year of 2017 and beyond. I really have to finish all of the below because, I am tired of eating PB&J every day, with water. I really miss eating steak, salmon, caviar, champagne…even though I am a vegetarian, I still miss em all.

My goals for 2017:

Finish the novel I started for NaNoWriMo, by at least by the end February, or at least sometime this year, “Marooned”. I am into about 10k words (that took me six days to write 10k words), and would love to end with at least, 60k – 70k+ words. I have had a cover created, which has inspired me to write the story, all of which is glued to a tiny portion of my brain.

 I have finished two books in my “fictional autobiography” series. Now I need to edit them and find someone to read them, for clarity. There are four more in the series to write. The main thing is to find a publisher. I would love to have this series published the old-fashioned, traditional, way. Self-publishing is not out of the question.

In past couple of months, I have come up a few new story lines, Time Sleeper, Day Runner, Comic Con and Surf’s Up. My plate is getting full, and I am hungry.

I started writing a new book of poetry, Haikus. The Haiku’s are in regard to the seasons.  I was taking pictures of nature, in the spring, summer, fall and winter. I think I have all the pictures I need. Of course, a few more won’t hurt, and I have written over a hundred and fleshed out many more haiku’s. However, I have over 500 pictures, which is about the amount I would need to finish writing.

In addition, I have finished two screenplays. Now that I found out about Amazon Storywriter, it should help me focus on my story with features such as auto-formatting, import/export of my favorite file formats. They have also announced that they are now welcoming online submissions of drama series projects and are offering new expansions to their open-door submission policy.


A new Web site! I took the last one down three or so years ago. My goal is to get one up and running in the next couple of months.

On 3×5 cards, I have written out 42 stories. Most of them I wrote over 30 years or so ago. It’s time to outline those stories and get productive this years.

I have so many other goals to accomplish this year, and as of the first of January, I can’t think of any resolutions.



A Study in Orange and Black



Fire and steel, molten

red malevolence poured

from vessel to vessel,



A river of steel flowing growing

smaller, pounded, beaten, flattened,

drenched, cooled,



A whistle blaring, a train’s

coming laden with ore splattering

its contents down the side,



Sparks fly like static electricity

dancing in the air, sizzling

aimlessly, alight near a flowerless plant

growing in the orange rust colored ground,



On that same plant, a butterfly

A spectacle beholding,

a Monarch, or maybe…


I sold a book!

Gosh?! Someone actually purchased one of my books! A hardcover version, book of poems! Wow…thousands more to go.

That’s what I said nine days ago. I really put my heart and soul into putting my book of poems together, almost 25 years of writing and finally putting my manuscript into book form.

Anyway, I went to a forum, on poetry, last month and I remember passing out some flyers and a few bookmarks. I went to another forum last night and I met the woman who purchased my book of poems. She also gave me a 4-Star review! One of the things she did, and I really needed this, appreciated what she did, she made notes of all the little things I missed, and those “friends and family members” missed when I asked them to read and edit my book. I now figure it should take less than an hour to correct those errors and I will put out a second edition.

Thinking back, I used “friends and Family members to edit my books. When I went through the manuscript I found a few more little things and corrected what I found. I then asked my family member to go through the manuscript once again and I then went ahead and had it published.

I am learning about this writing business, slowly…something I should have done many years ago. The truth is, it’s better to pay someone to proofread and edit before you publish.

I have learned that lesson the HARD way. If I could reach around I would kick myself…Hard!



Why me?!

Am I in control?

There’s a rip in the

fabric of time.

Shit Happens!

There is no control.

Life slips thru my


like water through a


An endless search

may find my destiny

wrapped up like a

ball of yarn, batted,

whacked, played with–

by a big scary


Recovery is eventual

similar to ripping of

one’s pants.


Why me? Only I…





Marbled Blue Skies
Green Grass, relaxing beneath
Bright Yellow Sunrises
Red and Orange Sunsets

Clear Waterfalls rambling onward
Brown Geese honking
White Swans swimming forward
Blue Jays singing

Roses tantalizing odors
Apples crunchy, tasty, sour
Wild Raspberries bountiful
Blackberry’s ripe for the picking

Trees bending slightly in the light breeze
Butterflies flitter along searching
Bee’s busy buzzing
Frogs croaking loudly

Dogs barking, playing
Children spinning wildly
Bubbles floating gingerly by
Laughter throughout

J.S. Bach softly playing
A glass of Red Wine
A Comfortable Chair
A Good book to read




I will relax I will relax.

I will take myself down to my state of relaxation.
As I slide down my brass pole to my state.
I will relax.

I drop onto my carved out tree stoop in this beautiful meadow,
Surrounded by Black-eye Susan’s and Daisies gazing skyward.
Their faces, tickled by long cheerful fingers of sunlight
Poking through a foggy morning sky.
I will relax.

As the fog starts to lift, I spy forest of pine trees.
Through the pine scented trees, I see a lake.
The deep blue sky reflects with perfection
On water as smooth as a pane of glass.
I will relax.

Beyond the lake, I can make out titanic mountains.
Lush green fills its muscular surface, and its broad sides
Sitting atop in all of its splendor, a scoop of vanilla ice cream,
Slowly melting as the morning sun bleats downward.
I will relax

My body is relaxed, my mind is relaxed, and my soul is relaxed,
I am relaxed
My body is relaxed, my mind is relaxed, and my soul is relaxed,
I am relaxed I am relaxed.

I have failed…

…and that got me thinking.  I have self-published five books in the last five years. Two books of poetry, two science fiction short stories and one 50k plus word science fiction novel. The sci-fi novel I started, more or less, some 30 odd years ago. One failure; not getting my books professionally proof-read or edited.

In the distance past, I was a voracious reader and an insatiable writer. I studied Journalism and Photography and worked for a couple of newsletters, magazines and newspapers. That is where I honed my craft. I always wanted to write the stories that bubbled within every dream I had as a youngster, though.

In my later years, I read more text books and books on how to write, stuff, and what I mean by stuff, books on how to write novels, articles, poetry, jokes, etc., etc. Lost in my life were reading novels, I just couldn’t get back into reading a good book. Maybe, that is where I think my writing, my sci-fi stories failed, or I should say I failed with my writing.

In the last couple of months, I joined a couple of writer’s groups and a couple of groups on poetry to find what I was doing so wrong with my writing. One of the reasons, I think, that I failed, I didn’t read enough, plus… I just being lazy?! Retirement kind of did that to me, maybe, it’s a possibility.

I took a couple of my poems to the poetry group and I read them out loud. I read, to the group, what I thought were my best poems. The group liked the poems, but…they mentioned that I had added words, whereas, I could have shown what those word meant or I could have conveyed my feelings throughout.  That got me to thinking…

I sold 17 total books, since March of 2014 and 11 were returned. Why, I asked myself. Going over my stories I noticed that I had more tell and less show, more thought, and not enough feelings. The stories are on point but not as colorful as they could have been, I wanted them to be. That, in itself, would seem to be the problem, I’m guessing. Of course there could be more problems that I haven’t seen or found, as of yet.

What hurt, a tiny bit, my friends and family who read those stories, loved them. Of course, that isn’t really doing me any good. A solid review probably would have helped a lot, which is the least I could have asked for.

Yes, I know I am kind of rusty. Writing was a passion, many years ago and I still have that fire burning, now. What I do have to is figure out how to get back that passion, that mission back. I would love to say I don’t know what I am going to do, but that’s not my way. I must figure out something and implement it as soon as possible.

So, what’s my take? I have five rewrites to finish. I see what I didn’t do and what I must do now. I know writing is a long process. I just wish I had seen those lights years ago, or at least gotten better reviews. Another thing that has helped; my goal was, is, to read at least 50 books, novels, this year and I have gotten off to a good start, five so far and now I have seen what my stories lacked.

I have also read a book on how to make my prose more colorful (my word), recently. I guess I’d better re-read it, because I know I am missing something, everything. I have downloaded quite a few books, on the subject of writing in the last few months. Sometimes I feel that reading that much takes away from my writing. I have to get this done.

This shouldn’t be hard; it wasn’t, once upon a time, a long time ago. However, times have changed. I guess I’d better get off my butt, from in front of the TV, get back on my butt, sit front of this computer and start writing and reading.