The NaNoWriMo is over and I…

It’s now over. The NaNoWriMo is over. Thirty whole days of writing 50k words in 30 day…I pause as I wipe the sweat from my brow.

This is the second time, in five years, that I haven’t finished a story. I wasn’t even close, I quit with less than 1/3 of my story. I am glad I outlined seven pages of my story, though.

As of December 1st, I decided that I would take a break from writing in any of my novels, until January. During the month of November, I came up with two more story lines, and last night, as I was talking to a friend who came up with an awesome title, I decided that I would finish my “Tome” on internet dating.

Of course, all of this, novel writing, isn’t going to take place until January first or within that first week, part of my non-resolution for the year of 2017. In the meantime, I will still write in my blogs and other little bits and pieces on the internet.

As it is, now, I have so many items on my plate, things I should have finished, in the past couple of years. Life for me has been good, but I have to carry it over, that good stuff, into my writing. So much to do, and so much time…


National November Write Month cometh

In one month and 15 days from now, National Novel Writing Month, NaNoWriMo starts. My only concern, debate…do I want to join in or do I just want to just continue writing? As it is now I had finished outlining my Science fiction novel, MAROONED, and have written about 8,000 words so far.

Now, I want to start outlining the next Sci-fi novel, SURF’S UP, but I have to finish Marooned first, I figure that should take me until the end of October to finish… fingers crossed.

Yesterday I came up with another new title, TIME SLEEPER, and have  to put something down on paper to keep that story in mind, of course an outline would help. I’m thinking that maybe I should just finish all of the above outlines before I start writing the second story.

That reminds me, I have to rewrite my screenplay and re-submit to the company I submitted it to four months ago. They mentioned I should rewrite and try again. A positive thought in a rejection letter.

That takes me back to NaNoWriMo…to write or not to write, what is the best for me. I have never finished a story during that November time frame. Would it be worth my while?

As my favorite saying goes, so much to do so little time.

Coffee, black and…cover your lady parts.

On my way to a café, the other day, in one of those towns where the uber hipsters hang out, I thought I’d park my car a little further away so I could get a little refreshing walk in. I crossed the street and made a quick left, heading to the café in the middle of the block.

Ahead of me were two young women. One of them had a head of bright blond hair with dark brown streaks in it, topped with a blue thingy wrapped around her hair ending in a long ponytail. She had on a colorful; I don’t know what you call it, a Halter top that exposed her belly button and a blue, short skirt that had frills on the ends near her knees. On her feet were beige-colored platform style shoes with straps that went up her ankles.

All of a sudden, she rolled her ankle, tripped and went down. She rolled over on her butt and as I walked to her to help her up, I noticed that she had no underwear on. It seemed like an eternity as I reached for her hand to help her up. She looked at me for a moment and said, “Did you like what you saw?”

I said, “No. You could use a trim or a Brazilian, maybe, or dye it the same as what’s on your head.” I smiled, and turned into the café. I then ordered a coffee, black, no sugar or cream. I wanted a brownie, but they didn’t have any that day, so I got one of those large, soft, chocolate chip cookie. I went and sat down on a vacant sofa and waited for my comrades to come. I was going to read some of my poetry, that day.

I was just about to get comfy when that young lady marched over to me. She stood there for a second then bent over to say something to me that only I could have heard.

“Are you some kind of pervert?” She said…her eyes wide, her face almost expressionless. I was shocked, but only for a second or two.

Looking dead into her eyes I said, “Youngster, I have seen, touch, tasted, and played with over xxx women in my lifetime. I am over xx years old and that,” pointing at her crotch, “doesn’t excite me as much as it did when I was your age.”

I looked up at her and smiled, then added, “Besides, a pervert would have had a camera and took plenty of pictures. My camera was in my pocket.”

She straightened up and put her hands on her hips. I noticed the corner of her lip started to erect into a tiny smile. I figured she wanted to burst out laughing, but she didn’t. She turned and started to walk out of the café. I noticed, as she walked away, her rear end was sashaying, a definite prominence that she didn’t have as she was walking down the street.

At that moment I realized, I had lied to her. Something I don’t do often, fibbing, not telling the truth. I did get excited, just a little, a tiny bit. Just enough to let me know, I’m still human.

Forty-five minutes later, as I sat listening to one of my friends read their poems, that youngster walked back onto the café, over to me and whispered into my ear, “can I get a ride home?”



My Writing Life…New beginnings

writerI wrote on Facebook, about four days ago, that I had submitted my screenplay to Amazon studios to be evaluated and hopefully accepted and possibly get paid. Being this was my first screenplay, based on a short story I wrote many years ago, (I have a second script finished but I need to work on it also), I figured it was about time to get this career of mine jump started, once more.

Being that this was the first time I had ever written a script of any kind, I knew it wasn’t the best, but I gave myself an “A” for the effort of at least trying something different. I had gotten a book on screenwriting, but only read about a third and what I mean by a third, I truly skimmed through the book and tried to only read the highlights.

I then went and purchased the screenwriting program, Final Draft, (which, for some reason won’t work on Windows 10 and a new version runs about $160!). I took my story and tried to re-create it, as the program showed me how, step by step.  My Seventy-five word story was finished as a fifty-nine page script. However, the script sat on my desk (and in my hard drive) for at least eight or so years, collecting dust.

A few years back my brother was in town and I let him read the script and of course he liked it, (everyone who as read any of my stories always tell me they like or love my stories, of course they don’t count, to a point), and he wanted to take it back with him, to California, and show it to one of his producer friends. He later called me and told how those “friends” like it, too. Of course I have never heard anything about my script again, no matter how many times I asked. (Twice).

Anyway, today, I received an email from Amazon Studios, in regard, to my submission. It was rejected. It stated that they had determined that my script did not meet the needs of their development slate at that time. script

Where have I heard that statement before? About twenty years or so ago I sent this same story to a Sci-Fi magazine. It was returned to me, rejected. I know that the reader read the entire story because my manuscript reeked of cigarette smoke on every page. Their rejection letter indicated, almost word for word, the statement above. So, I made a bunch of corrections, re-wrote a lot of the story and re-submitted it.

A week or so later I got another letter from that editor saying that they didn’t ask for me to send it back to her. Ouch! That put a damper on that story for many years.

Looking back over the many years, I have been trying to edit my own works, apparently to no real success. I’ve had the knack of editing other’s works but have been terrible at editing my own. I majored in Journalism. Creative writing came later in my life.

Anyway, Amazon Studios finished their note with; if you make significant revisions to your work, you are welcome to re-submit it in the future. Whatever that means. Well, I do know what it mean…I just have to keep working on it until I get it right or enough money to send to my stories to an editor/proofreader.

In the meantime, I have dusted off all of the books I purchased many years ago on how to screen write. The one I have to pay attention to, “Screenwriting for Dummies”. I know I have a couple more book, locked or lost downstairs in my fortress of books, I just have to make the effort to get up from this comfortable sofa and put on my shoes and go down there to that scary place and get more books. Just kidding… or was I?

Anyway, it looks like I have a lot more reading to do and I mean slow reading. (I can speed read, but I usually read fast only when I am reading a novel.)  And, of course, save a ton of money so I can get my stories read. Does anyone know of anyone who wants to be a beta reader?  I want to, need to get this done before this year is out.professional-writer-challenges

My only problem, right now, everyone I have asked, for help, tells me yes, but never come through. So, I have to read, read and do more reading, to get through this on my own. I will get it done…I have so much to do…I would like to say I have so little time, but that’s just a myth. I will work with one thing at a time and that time is now.

A prediction?


I’m re-writing another story I wrote in the early 90s and I found this passage: Fort Hillary Clinton, named after an early twentieth-first century president, was rather large even by most earth outpost standards. It consisted of two divisions, being that there were six continents on Gibson’s planet, the other continents had two regiments each. — Will this, could this become a reality??

What made me decide to become a writer?

What made me decide to become a writer? Until now I never really thought about it, much. But, that’s not totally true. I have, over my lifetime, given it a lot of thought, sometimes way too much thought.

Let me see if I can go back to the beginning, or at least to the point where it could have entered my subconscious and gone into the conscience.

My father was a teacher, an educator and a social worker. I remember he use to take my siblings and me to school which was basically a little less than a half-mile away. The school was a complex of schools, elementary, middle and a high school. My father worked at the middle school.

I remember when school was over for the day I would walk to his school and sit in his class until it was time for him to go home. And I liked what I saw. So, at the time I wanted to be a teacher. But, I was a dreamer and had many dreams of those campy science fiction movies of the 50s and the early 60s.

About that time I decided that I wanted to be a scientist, in fact, I was nicknamed “The Wizard”, I found out later in life, I really didn’t know it at the time but someone told me after I graduated. But, my dreaming got in the way. I would sit on the front porch and count cars and daydream, count people, birds, planes…I just want to live in my dreams.

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t lazy or anything like that. Heck my brothers and I played until the streetlights came on during the weekends and we played and played and played. But, I still daydreamed a lot. And I then, after high school, I wanted to go into the military, what I was planning to do on a frozen Monday morning. But, I got hired at one of a major Auto company on that Thursday morning.

For quite a few years I did nothing but build engines for cars and thought about nothing, but I still had those dreams, dreams of being in outer space and such. In fact, those dreams were almost like watching a movie, most nights, and I remember most of them. I decided to put them to paper and see what would happened.

Let me backtrack a little…now that I think about it, my mother had a big hand in me becoming a writer. One of the things I did, after I left my parents household, was talk to my mother just about every day. She told me that she was writing a cryptologists dictionary. A few of her loves, other than her children, was doing crosswords puzzles, cryptograms and completing those picture puzzles.

She had told me that, back in the early 50s, before I was born she decided to compile that book of words and just about completed it. But, because of all the children she had in the 50s she didn’t have time to finish her book. She later asked me if I could finish if for her and I think that had a profound effect on me.

As sad as it is, I haven’t finish her book yet. I have all of her notes and I hope to start on it sooner… As for me, all of those years working at my high paying job, I kept talking myself out of writing, I kept saying, “I got a job”. And so it, went for a while.

In 1984ish I started my first science fiction novel, considering that I had outlined about 80 stories, then. I didn’t finish my “first” novel until the early 90s. And to be honest, I totally finished it this past December, 2013. And I also have two books of poems published and am working on the third book of poems.

In the meantime I have written four short stories, which I would love to increase word count to at least 70 to 100,000 words. And I have finished one novel of my fictional autography, which starts when I got hired at that auto company way back in 1973. And as of today I have finished about 34,000 words of the second part of that story.

My only debate is, should I do the five stories at 50k+ words or combine them and make on three stories of 100k+ words?

And now that I have retired from that auto company I have to keep busy and keep the writing going. The more I write the better I should become. Of course I have been downloading a lot of books and doing a lot more reading, which helps a lot. I’m getting there, only time will tell.

Well, I think that’s what helped me decide to become a writer. And I’d better step it up a lot because I’m starving…