The NaNoWriMo is over and I…

It’s now over. The NaNoWriMo is over. Thirty whole days of writing 50k words in 30 day…I pause as I wipe the sweat from my brow.

This is the second time, in five years, that I haven’t finished a story. I wasn’t even close, I quit with less than 1/3 of my story. I am glad I outlined seven pages of my story, though.

As of December 1st, I decided that I would take a break from writing in any of my novels, until January. During the month of November, I came up with two more story lines, and last night, as I was talking to a friend who came up with an awesome title, I decided that I would finish my “Tome” on internet dating.

Of course, all of this, novel writing, isn’t going to take place until January first or within that first week, part of my non-resolution for the year of 2017. In the meantime, I will still write in my blogs and other little bits and pieces on the internet.

As it is, now, I have so many items on my plate, things I should have finished, in the past couple of years. Life for me has been good, but I have to carry it over, that good stuff, into my writing. So much to do, and so much time…


Learning ain’t easy? But Somebody gotta do it.

I just realized something; when I was in my late 20s, 30s, my father would call and ask me to stop by and fix, whatever was broken, or reset his VCR, whatever. Now, I had things to do and most times I had nothing to do and the frustration of driving over to his house bugged the heck out of me. I always figured that a man with a PhD. should know how to work a VCR. But, I’m guessing that wasn’t the point. I, on the other hand kind of, gave up on the new tech, of the times, and just downloaded the apps and programs that helped accomplished my goals. But, I soon let that those programs go to waste and never learned use, most of them.

My Son, though, learned all that he could about this massive amount of info on the internet to keep up with his peers to stay ahead of the curve. I tried to get him to be my go to guy. It didn’t work out as well as I thought is should have, though.  Now, in 2014 I am kind of doing what my father did, but with little success. I live to far away.

It got me thinking, with all this information floating throughout the ethersphere, the internet, I am going to have to take time off, from my daily activities, writing and other stuff, and figure it out for myself. This is because I am falling behind on all of the things I need “right now” to keep my writing life going. And of course my sitting around and watching TV life too. I’m not against learning, heck, I have a very good, no Great study habits. I had a 4 point something my first few years in college. I need to get the old juices running again. 

Coming up next month is the NaNowrimo, National November Writing Month, and I have a book that I want to write and finish during November. So, I am going to have to write and learn how to fix the programs on my computer. And learn how to create a web page for my books and learn how to create covers for my books and, and…     My fingers are crossed.