Grumpy Old Man?

Grumpy Old Man…

My Birthday was last Tuesday; I am now officially 63 years old. I keep saying to myself, “I don’t feel 63…” Gosh, I have been saying that for the last 20 or so years. Well, not that I’m 63, you know, just saying, I feel like…KIMG0292

Anyway, as far as I am concerned, I do feel the same as I did when I was 25. What I mean by that, back when I was, 25, I spent a lot of time in the gym, (in my lifetime I have been the gym 40 of those years). All I did was run and lift weights, though. Now that I think about it, I did play softball and racquetball, and I ran a couple of 5k’s, and a couple of half marathons. I enjoyed what I was doing.

However, during that time I hurt, or sprained an ankle more often than not. The pain lasted usually a day or two and then I was good to go. I think every part of my body had suffered some sort of pull, cramp, or pain, back in the day. Nevertheless, I learned how to meditate and cope with the pain mentally so I could ignore pain. It actually worked for me.

I don’t go to the gym anymore, only because I have learned that I can do the same things I did at the gym at home. Funny as it sounds, in the last three years I have run, walked, hiked, kayaked over 3500 miles, and yeah, I did manage to work on my core and lift weights. I also lost about 80 pounds in the meantime.

My only problem now, at this advanced age, I hurt, and I hurt every day. Everything, every part of my body hurts. I decided, though, I must ignore the pain and live for Motrin! Yes, the recovery time is not the same as my 25 year old self and for some reason some of these pains just won’t go away.

For instance, about 11 years ago my son decided that he wanted to wrestle me. While rolling around on the ground he grabbed my leg and started to yell out all the positions, the WWF (or whatever name they went by at the time), wrestling move names. Well, he pulled my leg so hard that I heard and fIMG_0457elt something pop near my hip. Not a problem at the time, but my bum (Butt) started to hurt whenever I sat for an extended period time.

The next year, while playing softball, standing on first base, my team-mate hit a slow roller to the second baseman. He stood there, with the ball, waiting for me to run down the line so he could tag me out. As I slowly skipped down the line, I planted my left foot and tried to spin around his tag. I hear a loud bang, in my ears, and it felt like I had stuck my leg in a 220 volt socket.

I fell to the ground in extreme pain generating from my hamstring. The second baseman stood over me and declared; “You’re out!” as I writhed in excruciating pain, laying on the ground in the dust of the base path. I had pulled my hamstring muscle.

After two of my team-mates helped off the field and sitting out the rest of the game, I managed to drive myself to the hospital. Looking at my leg, my hamstring, from my buttock to my crook of my knee was black, blue and red. I had ruptured a few blood vessels in the process. 100_0662

Anyway, in the past ten years my hamstring cramps up just about every day. Lots of minor cramps with a major cramp usually happening at around 3 a.m. in the morning, at least once a month, sometimes like clockwork. In addition, I can’t sit for even a couple of minutes without my left rear cheek hurting. However, I sit for extended times in front of this computer, trying to think of something to write about.

Yes, I am in daily pain. My toes hurt from by daily walk/runs, and the hiking three times a week, now. My shoulder started to hurt, as far back as July of last year, when I went on an extended kayak trip. Now my shoulder hurts, for whatever reason, only when I walk over three miles. That is kind of weird, though, because I can run, not a problem, hike – as long as I have a backpack on – not a problem, play a couple of hours of racquetball, not a problem. Heck, I can even kayak, no real pain doing that either.

However, my shoulder pain, too, is excruciating and to touch in that region, well, it’s numb; I feel nothing, even if I scratch my shoulder, but I can pinch myself and I feel it. Now, I just ignore it and go on about my day. I guess I could count all those pains, but I just have learned to ignore them.

I was in the steam room last weekend, after playing racquetball, and an older gentleman was perched upon the bench. He started to rattle off all of the pains and surgeries that he had. I thought about it for a few seconds and joined in and started to name a few of my pains I live through, in my advanced age. Two grumpy old men. I quit after a few and let him rattle off a few more.

Yes, I now live for the strengths of Motrin. That is the only pain medication that works for me, so I won’t have to ask for the narcotic stuff. Oh yeah, and of course my meditation.

Sixty-three years old. Yes, I really do feel good, and good about myself. I am doing 10 times more things that I did when I was 25.

Hold on a second while stand up stretch and rub my butt out… and check up on my chili, its looking good! I forced myself to sit here and write or go nuts…or watch a movie or read all my email or mess around on Facebook or cook that chili that I have been intending on making for the last week or so…

I once heard or did someone retell that story to me, I don’t remember (old age or too much to drink?), anyway, this old man was talking to a youngster about why he was running, slowly, at his age. The youngster stated that he hurt all the time and hated to run or work out, so on and so forth. The Old man looked at the younger man and said, “I hurt all the time, but at my age I am going to keep running until that time comes and never complain about it.” I have kind of taken that on as my credo. grumpy old men

My niece left me a message, on my birthday, on Facebook. She said something about me being an old man. I hope don’t become, like that man in the steam room, A Grumpy Old Man!



It’s been a very good year…

Mackinac 034 2009 at my heaviest.

2014 was a very good, a great year for me. In January, I went to the doctor and was told that all my numbers were too high. I had to do something or be in a lifetime of dis-ease. As of yesterday, I am going to relax for the rest of this year. But, the results are in;
this year, alone, I;
Ran — 235 miles
Walked –754 miles
Biked — 410 miles
Hiked — 95.5 miles and
Kayaked — 4.2 miles
For a grand total of — 1500.4 miles
…and I lost 76 pounds!

Me July 4 2014
All over total for all cardio, since January 2013 — 2342.7 miles.
Now, I have see how much more I can do in the coming year!

learning mushrooms  PICT2599 PICT2904