Feelings…I mean poetry


I love to eat! 


Eating is such a useless, futile habit.

We are a country of obese devouring

rabid, over-consuming, digesting, so and so’s.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to eat!

Today I had a tuna-tub, a giant cookie, a large

soda, and a five ounce bag of chips. What a

feast. I’m still hungry.

When I was younger I ate to live, never for

taste. I felt better, food tasted better,

I looked better. Hold on while I take a bite

of this tuna-sub.  A mouthful of chips.

There. Satisfied!

New Year ’s Day is twenty-one days away, and I

plan to start a brand new resolution. Lose

weight, or burst.





I hear your words — Not!

Respect is what you think you got.

You only manage to confuse the issues.

My head and mind are above you.


I’m not in the clouds where you stay.

Your feelings are cutting through my heart.

I realize that we must part.

‘Cuz, respect is what you think you got — Not!


Now, think of what is said and done.

That knife of a tongue you wield so clear,

listen to what you say my dear,

And sorry ain’t one of those I hear.


I don’t want your sympathy,

I can cry without it,

You and your sorry just don’t cut it,

Something you think you got, Respect — Not!