It’s been a very good year…

Mackinac 034 2009 at my heaviest.

2014 was a very good, a great year for me. In January, I went to the doctor and was told that all my numbers were too high. I had to do something or be in a lifetime of dis-ease. As of yesterday, I am going to relax for the rest of this year. But, the results are in;
this year, alone, I;
Ran — 235 miles
Walked –754 miles
Biked — 410 miles
Hiked — 95.5 miles and
Kayaked — 4.2 miles
For a grand total of — 1500.4 miles
…and I lost 76 pounds!

Me July 4 2014
All over total for all cardio, since January 2013 — 2342.7 miles.
Now, I have see how much more I can do in the coming year!

learning mushrooms  PICT2599 PICT2904


My thoughts of nature


I don’t know why, out of the blue, just today, it just came to me that walking, jogging or riding my bike is cathartic. Not in the total sense of the word, the thought, but for my writing sense, world. Not only that, I hear things that I usually don’t hear any other time of the day. That’s not true; I have been hearing a lot of things, mostly sounds of nature at its best.

I usually meditate and when I have the window open I hear twice as many sound and try to make out everything including the different birds I hear. As for my jaunts throughout the neighborhood, there are quite a few things I have noticed and plan to write poems about them:

I have noticed, last week the fish in the lake were about an inch long today they are two inches long. The swans are nesting, as are the ducks. I have also noticed that the Blue Jays are gone and the woodpeckers are busy putting holes in the trees. The trees are blooming, tulips are fully opened, as are the lilies and, heck what are those purple things…violets, yes that are sprouting.Image

Today I noticed the birds singing, mostly robins and sparrows

Woodpeckers pecking

The young fish splashing in the water

A small waterfall bubbling Image

Children playing on a playground, there is a grade school about a mile away

Two jets roaring overhead

The sound of my foot steps on the pavement

A lady sitting on her porch talking on the phone

Bunches of dogs barking

The wind blowing through a pine tree

The sounds of car tires on the road

Another runners feet pounding slowly by

Someone hammering in the distance – I pass a house under construction

Ducks quacking

Swans honking

A fish jumping out of the water and splashing back into the water

The sound of a generator

And the sound of me breathing hard when I sit down in front of my garage door.

I now have enough to write about. And I feel totally at ease as I wait to catch my breath before I ride my bike, for a long day of feeling good.