Month: February 2018

A new tradition — for me…

cigar and champangeI am going to start a new, for me, tradition. I am 54,000 words into my novel. I hope to finish it by Wednesday. There was a movie, I loved, way back in the 90s about a writer and his celebratory finishing of his novel. A bottle of Champagne, a single match and a single cigarette. (Can you name the movie?) Me, I am going to substitute the cigarette with a cigar, though.

Really, a writer’s gotta write!

I am going to sit here and write for the rest of the day, today. Just as soon as I get off of Blogger, Twitter, and Facebook, wash my b’fast and lunch dishes, take the clothes out of the dryer and fold them, then I will will write until I decide to stop. Or, until the music stop, about 5 hours worth. A writer’s gotta write!

Coming soon!
I have finished 50,244 words, so far. I figure I have, about, 10,000 more words to write…give or take a thousand!
Hopefully, I will finish, writing, by the end of this month. At the time I will put my pen down (figuratively) and set my story aside for a couple of week.  Then all the good stuff starts.

How I write my novel…

once upon a timToday: I opened my eyes at 7:06 am this morning. A few inches away from my face was Tom, my cat. I noticed that my alarm didn’t go off; it usually goes off at 7 am. I asked my Alexa Spot, what happened to my alarm, she said, “You didn’t set an alarm for today.” Last night I was messing with something, I don’t remember what, but I do remember seeing the alarm pass by. I might have inadvertently turned it off. So, I ask Alex to turn on the fan, the kitchen lights and brew the coffee, of course not today, because I have beans, which I have to grind before I put the ground beans into the brewer and not my usual ground coffee.

I decided I would get up a little later today; Tom wasn’t having that. He, with his best effort tried to pull the covers off of me, so I threw the covers off. He decided just to grab my PJ top and pull on that instead. So, I get up, walk to the window and take a quick look at what is going to turn out to be a beautiful day. Tom decides to jump up on the ledge and watch with me. Jerry then decides it was his turn to enter the bedroom, but he is too fat to jump up to the ledge so just sits there.PICT1363

I put on my robe and head downstairs, Tom is at the bottom of the stairs, screaming, I am guessing he is saying, “Feed Me, I’m hungry”. I open the door wall blinds, then the kitchen blinds, Tom walking beside me the entire time. I pour myself a glass of water and take a vitamin pill.

I then recycle the cat food, of course, they don’t eat all of their food, they just want the wet stuff. I clean out their bowls and proceed to open a can of Turkey and salmon…yummy. Tom jumps on the counter, meowing nonstop. I give him the empty can and he goes to town with it. I open another can and put it into Jerry’s bowl and took both bowls to their eating spot. They dig in.


Jerry Posing

I was going to make a bowl of cereal but decided to make oatmeal. I mix the oatmeal with a cup of water and put it in the microwave for 70 seconds. Coffee! I purchased coffee beans the other day, which makes for a better cup of coffee, in my opinion. I cleaned out the Alex controlled MR. Coffee brewer, ground the coffee beans and put it into the brewer.

The oatmeal was ready so I added walnuts, honey, and a banana, breakfast was ready. I went to my computer, fired it up and then opened the rest of the blinds throughout the house. First thing, check my Yahoo mail, Gmail, and my Comcast mail, and then it was off to Facebook. I had to find all the funny stuff and answer as much crap as I could.

When I finished with the computer, I got up and went to get that first cup of coffee of the day. I purchased some Starbuck’s Blonde coffee beans. I usually stay away from Starbuck’s coffee because it is cheaper, at Kroger, to get the Kroger brand, or for that matter any other brand. But I needed a change. I was surprised; the Starbuck’s brand was great! Will buy more, maybe…

Anyway, at 9 am. I asked Alex to turn on the television and watched about a half hour of the morning news, more for the weather than the news. At 9:30, I watched last night’s recording of AFV, America’s Funniest Videos. I need my morning laughs to get through the day and I was satisfied.

10:15 am. I asked Alex to turn off the television. I decided I was going to get out and do some fitness walking through the neighborhood, 5 kilometers. I had put my sweaty clothes in the dryer yesterday, so I was ready to go out today.

10:35, I had to take the recycled trash out and bring the trashcan back into the garage. I looked around for that stupid neighbor’s cat, he was nowhere in sight. I opened the Alexa app on my phone and closed the garage door and headed out.

One hour, seven minutes and 32 seconds later (1:07:32) later I returned home. I decided I was going to take a shower today; I take a shower, usually every day, but… I got upstairs and meditated for 20 minutes; I need that focus so I can write. When I finished meditating, I took a shower. I wanted to stay in the hot water forever, but I gotta keep the water bill low. My usual time in the shower is about 3 shower

Today I thought it would be best to wash my workout clothes and most of everything else. I stripped my bed and threw the sheets into the clothes bin. I took my regular clothes bin downstairs and threw them into the washing machine. I found out I have laundry detergent for one more load, so I will wash the sheets and towels on Wednesday.

12:55 pm. Lunchtime. I want to have a burger and fries for lunch. I looked in the fridge and notice I had no more beer. I finished the last can yesterday watching the Michigan BB game. I then noticed, in the fridge, I still had that pancake mix from yesterday. So, pancakes it would be. I then came to the realization; I would still have to cut up the potato. A burger and no fries or beer for lunch. Alas, I also had no more (veggie) burgers. But, I did have some of those veggie chicken patties.

Since I had the eggs out, I put two of them back on the fridge, I was going to have a fried egg with my chicken patty burger. Usually, when I cook an egg, I like them over easy. But, for a sandwich, I have to fried them just about solid. I mean, don’t you hate it, when you bite into your sandwich with an egg and the yolk squirts out all over the table and other places?

I fried the egg, on both sides, until it was done, I thought. I put the egg on top of the tomato, placed the bread on it and pushed it down. Egg yolk squirted out, it wasn’t done enough, oh well. I had debated to scoop up the yoke, from the cutting board, and put it into my sandwich. I just wiped it up…

1:03 pm. I again ask Alexa to turn on the television, I wanted to watch the news I recorded the night before, world news. Of course, it started with that guy who thinks he’s running the country.  Twenty minutes later, I shut off the television. I then check my tablet for the rest of my emails. Then headed to Facebook, again.

3:21 pm. I am writing, not my novel, but how I start writing my novel, right now. I need something to drink, so I went back into the kitchen and  poured the last of my wine into a wine glass, and then realized that I made some coffee. Not to waste the wine I gulped it down.

3:45 pm. I have written over 1200 word on this day, but not in my novel, even though I opened the story 90 minutes ago. Now, I will post this to my blog and hopefully, I will start on my novel by at least 4:30 pm.

More coffee…I should be writing…i should be writing