Month: June 2016

I believe in Aliens


I believe in aliens, extraterrestrials, worlds inhabited by intelligent beings and travel throughout this galaxy. I do believe that our world has been visited, in the past, by explorers from other worlds, to which our ancient ancestors once called, “gods” from the skies.

I have watched those programs on the History Channel, The Science Channel, and the Discovery Channel. And I love Science fiction and as well as write it, every now and then. Not only that, I have read hundreds of science fiction book and nonfiction books on science. I believe in science.

What I am writing about, now, is something that has bothered me for a long time, a theory that no one has seems to have investigated. Now, I cannot truly say this is a fact, maybe someone wrote about it and I missed it, well maybe I just missed it and need to do more checking on this theory of mine.

One day, about thirty some-odd years ago I saw something in the sky as I drove home late one Saturday night. It was a large object and orange in color. It was practically hovering in the sky, an unknown distance away from me. At the time it looked like a blimp, The Goodyear blimp, which I found out later, was in town.

However there was something otherworldly about this “blimp”. Usually, most blimps are larger in the front and narrower in the rear with stabilizers on the top and bottom and a gondola attached on the bottom. The airship I spied, that night, had neither, nor did it have the words “GOODYEAR” emblazoned on its side.blimpship

The airship I saw, like I said, was orange in color, the front end was pointed with a large hump on top and the rear end was close to being pointed. If I had to give a length, I would have to say it was close to three hundred feet or so.

What scared me, I started to back up, driving backwards up the street and it started advancing towards me. When I stopped it stopped, so I decided to go forward and it then reversed direction and headed away from me. Nothing the Goodyear blimp could do or move that fast. I did not move for a good 10 minutes or so and it continued to hover.

At the time, when I stopped, I was standing outside of my car, waiting, watching, and wondering what that airship was going to do. So, I got back into my car and drove towards it. That is when it started to move away again. I followed if for about 15 minutes but it was getting further and further away until it disappeared into the early morning, night sky. Even though I was a believer before this sighting, I was truly a believer afterwards.

For some odd reason, I now believe that it might have been a blimp or a hallucination or I was on drugs or I was drunk or, or… I state this because of the theory I have come up with in the past few months, while writing another science fiction story and for that matter watching all the science fiction movies, lately.

I read, some time ago, that if a race of intelligent beings were to visit our planet, Earth, this race of beings would have to be anywhere from several thousand years to a millions years more advanced, scientifically, to where we are now, today. That would mean that a million years to several thousand years ago the Earth was visited by aliens.

But, how did they really get from their planet to ours? Rockets, starships with faster than light (FTL) engines? If that were true maybe, an alien race did come here a million years ago. starship

That would also mean that they did not leave this planet those many years ago. Could that also mean that they were human and seeded this planet with their offspring? What did they do with their ships or their civilization for that matter? Why aren’t we, today’s humans, more advanced? That scenario possibly didn’t happen, but who’s to say they didn’t visit?

Many pages in texts from history, from all over the world say that beings from the skies visited Earth. And watching the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens has convinced me that it could have happened. However, why in rockets? In many pictograms, from ancient times, most sky ships had what looked like fire coming out of the rear. Throughout history we, humans, have exaggerated what they have seen, but that just means that they did see it.

As for all the sightings now, why come to this little blue planet and just fly around and scare people? What would be the point? Are they trying to find out what kind of defenses we have? And kidnapping people for study? Again, what would be the point? Well, it does make for a good science fiction story or a story like they were told thousands of years ago.

Most of these ships are small and I really do not think they have the capacity to travel those great distances. Moreover, if they had FTL engines wouldn’t the ship’s be so huge that they could be seen millions of miles away, viewed by telescopes all over the world? Even Starships with FTL engines still take time to get to their destination.

A race of beings that are over a million years advance would not need ships of any kind. That brings me to my theory.

Scientist have been working on the theory of wormholes for many years, it was first postulated by Albert Einstein. However, the wormholes I have thought of have no function in time travel, for instance. A race of beings over a million years old or older could have almost certainly conquered this theory and have put it into practice.

Thereby having no need for starships with FTL engines, think STARGATE. I think this is something we should consider rather than still trying to work out the bugs on making chemical rockets to take us to places like the moon, Mars, or the other planets.stargate-sg1

These advance races of being probably have been traveling to this planet, and others, for eons without the people of Earth ever knowing of their very existence, via wormholes; Stargates. Even in that television show, “Stargate”, the beings who built the stargates were hundreds of thousands of years more advance then the human race of today.

In conclusion, have we been visited by extraterrestrial beings via “flying saucers”, announcing to the world, “we are here, catch us if you can?” Or hiding in plain sight traveling through these Stargates, spying on us, relaying this information back to their home worlds? Or are they just checking in on their creations, smiling, giving the thumbs up, watching us grow, and saying, among themselves, “Their work on earth is done!”


The Signal


“Well Captain Williams, we are the first Earth ship to reach 300 light years and we still haven’t found any life yet.”

“Have you detected anything, anything?”

“Yes sir, an analog radio wave. But, there is lot interference…”

“Clear it up?”


“Welcome to the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin, Germany.”

What’s the dumbest thing you ever did?

beesWhat’s the dumbest thing I have ever done, I thought? That is not how it started out, but I ended up thinking about it anyway. Last night as I was lying in my bed, well after midnight, with the fan blowing as hard as its blades could turn, I started to think about the birds and the bees.

Well, actually birds, more like the hummingbird I saw the other day. I was thinking that I should go out and get a hummingbird feeder. That may or may not bring more hummingbirds to my backyard, but it was worth trying. Anyway, as I thought about it, I was thinking, bees might be attracted to the feeder, too.

Bees…would it also attract all other flying insects? Anyway, that got me thinking about bees. Way back in time, when I was about 10 years old or so, I remember staying at my grandparents’ home out in the farmlands of Maryland.

My brothers, my cousin and I decided to mess with bees, now that I think about it, it was hornets. We spotted a hornet’s nest above a window that was my grandmother’s bedroom. We decided to knock it down.

I remember getting a broom, someone opened the window and I swatted at and knocked the nest down. The hornets got mad, real mad and started to swarm. I threw the broom out the window trying to knock them out of the sky, that didn’t work at all.

Hornet's nest in wooden box

Hornet’s nest in wooden box

Since that was my grandmother’s room, I didn’t want them to get into the house. But, I had nothing to keep them from coming in. So, being a 10, or so, years old kid, I did the next best thing. I used my hands to keep them stinging fools out of the room. Naturally, I got stung on my hand. Someone, who just happened to think about it, shut the window, problem solved.

Of course that is probably one of those dumb things kids do when you are having dumb fun. I probably can think of many more, which I will. My brothers and I were way beyond mischievous back in the day, still kind of shows today.

Planet Hell



“Captain, that volcano is about to blow. We have to get off of this planet, now!”

“Shields are at 5%?”

“The FTL’s are offline. It’ll take 30 minutes to reboot!”

Magma rained down on the ship.


“Joey, how many times have I told you not to play with my blowtorch?”

The Swarm



My laser is empty. I have nothing left but this stick.

I shouldn’t have gotten in the water without my shoes, I can feel them nibbling at my toes.

“Joey, how many times have I told you not to put the goldfish in the tub when you take a bath!”



“Damage report?”

“Captain, the wormhole dropped us off 80,000 light-years from home world. We are the only crew left alive.”

“Is that planet habitable?”


“Since we can’t go home I suggest we start a new, improved human race, here.”

“Captain, I’m a transgender female. We are on our own.”