Month: April 2016

The face of the enemy


He’s killed again. This time the love of my life was his victim. I’ve searched years to find him. I am so close, so very close.

I’ve seen the clues, so many clues and I’ve never acted upon them, until now.

In my mirror is the face of the enemy.

HP Laptop, a great writing laptop?

Hp laptop

All I wanted to do was write my novel, in the parks, at the beach, on my deck and anywhere I just happen to be sitting, away from home. I thought I had researched this HP Laptop, but, I guess I was wrong, I was only attracted to the price.

However when I got the HP Laptop home I noticed that it did not have an optical drive. Bad move on my part. That meant that I couldn’t install Word on to it. Then, I noticed that the hard drive was only 32GB and installed, on the drive, was 28GB of software I may or may not need!

Microsoft wanted me to buy their MS Office 365 for $XXX, but I have a newer disk, MS Office, why let go to waste? So, I installed a Free Writer and that left me with almost NO space on the hard drive.

I had to figure out what I was going to delete from the drive in order to add the software I needed. I definitely could not add the other writer’s program or the screenwriters program.

I ended up buying an optical drive and loaded My MS Office and deleted the free writing software. I guess I will have to write MS and HP and ask what programs I can delete or keep, freeing up some more space.

In addition, one of the biggest things I don’t like about this HP Laptop, it is GOD awfully SLOW, I mean slow to the nth degree. My 11 year old, Gateway is faster than this new purchase. Ten feet away from my router’s Wi-Fi, well, it acts like, why should it connect. Pages load as fast as a turtle crossing a hot driveway, if they load at all.

Overall, it’s a nice computer, but I could have paid $30 more and gotten a laptop with more Hard Drive Space OR, I could have paid $30 less and gotten a laptop with an optical drive.  Maybe I should have taken it back and gotten another laptop. However, for what It’s worth, the writing part is great. Now If I can only to save my work on the drive, because the cloud isn’t going to work at the park. (Okay, not really, I purchased a 32GB thumb drive to save my work to.)

All I wanted to do was be able to write my novel…

To Sit or not to sit…

couch potato

I’ve concluded; I’m a sedentary person! I never knew it until I read it on the internet. Some guy, the other day, was telling me that sitting around is like smoking 6 packs of Cigarettes a day! Considering, I run, walk, hike, about 20 miles a week, bike at least 20 miles and play racquetball on the weekends.sedentary-lifestyle-statistics-tumblr-m9xqnlukle1qz9v6wo1-1280

HOWEVER, I sit in front of this computer at least 3 or hours a day, if I am writing my novel it usually is more than 4 or 5 hour, and I sit in front of the boob tube at least 7 hours a day.

I can give up watching TV, but I would have to do something else and that something else would be sitting in front of this computer and writing and writing until I felt tired of writing and that, for me, could be hours longer. Don’t know much more else to do. I guess I am sedentary.

On the other hand, now that I think about it, I get a lot of ideas from watching TV. You say, why don’t you read a book or something? Yes, this is true, I do read books, and I too get a few ideas from reading. In fact, I read about 30 last year, my Kindle was on fire, and I hope the same for this year, BUT I still sit as I read, sitting is the key word and I am guessing that is starting sounds like a bad thing.clouds

Heck I probably should, will go out to the park with a jug of coffee and my laptop and write. Of course I will smell the flowers, take in the breeze, look at the clouds, take in the sights…and sit while I’m doing all of the above. Hey, it’s me getting out of the house, I’m just saying.

It’s kind of funny, though, I am more, twice, three times as active the past few years than I have been in the last 10. In all of my years, I have been in the gym more than two thirds of my life. Working out in some capacity or form, and during that time I have been writing as well and writing a lot.thumbs up heart

If you put everything I do into perspective, though, I’m a sedentary man…I read that on the internet. In addition, most people will agree, if it’s on the Internet, it’s gotta be real! Go figure.

The Long Cold Night


“FROZEN” Visual development. ©2013 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

My provisions packed away, the generators are charged; I’ve got warm clothes, plenty of food, and thinking games. I am ready for the long night.

I have no idea why I moved to this planet. I didn’t know its orbit was elliptical, 2 years warmth and 5 years freezing cold.

Business as Usual

garage sale

I guess today is as good as it’s going to get around these parts. I wish I had some more help. But, more profit for me. I’m only going to set up three tables, today, though.

I’m glad I stockpiled three tons of food and supplies. Damn that nuclear war.