Month: March 2016

2:22 A.M.


It’s as if someone flipped on a night light, brighter than the sun, only to fade moments later. I’ve had rough nights before but tonight was the worse. I see the coroner, and heck, the chief of police showed up.

“Time of death, 2:22 A.M.” The coroner said, pointing at me.


Hard Time

hard time George

They told me that these animals were docile, gentle, the translator told me otherwise. In fact, they named this particular animal George. On this planet, George was a national treasure. The judge told me that I would be doing hard time, in my occupation, pulling teeth for the next year.

Star Ship Down

crashed starship

“Captain, shields are down to 10%. Another hit and we could be a goner.”

“Rout all power, except life support, to the forward shields!”

“They are firing again.” Ten seconds later the Star Ship headed into the Atmosphere and crashed into the ocean.

“Joey, get out of that tub, now!”

The Dream Keeper


“I’ll take that one and those two over there. Do you accept the agreed upon price?”

“No, that dream is the set price; those two are 40% more. The price is set, you agree?”

“Yes. You drive a hard bargain, Dream Keeper. Dreams of happy children, Correct?”

“Yes. Dream well.”

No Stupid questions

“There are no Stupid questions, so does anyone have a question?”

“How do we know these things work?”

“Okay, grunts, this is a quantum grenade. Everyone step back.”

He pulled the pin. The grenade went off and he disappeared.

“I think he forgot to turn on his personal force field.”


The last Human


The entity  wanted to bond with me, to understand the human experience. The entity would judge the human race. The merge went well and it viewed the good and the bad of my race.Humans were eliminated. However, the entity couldn’t leave my body. I’m the last human on Earth.


a nearly perfect copy


clonesThe Doctor said my clone is a nearly perfect copy of me. It cost an arm and a leg. I asked the doctor to let me see the product, but he said I should wait a few hours, I was insistent. My clone opened his eyes, all three of them.