Month: March 2015

The Running Dog…

Bernese Mountain Dog

While out on my daily run, this morning, I spotted a dog running loose. I usually carry a stick of some sort but didn’t bring it today, so I ran on. At a quarter mile, the dog decided to check me out. To my surprise, it was friendly.

Most loose dogs, on my route, snap at me as I go by and, at the time, I thought they were friendly, but only when they were attached to their 20 foot chains. When they are not chained they, and I mean a couple of dogs that I pass by daily, have actually snapped at me, teeth grabbing hold of my clothing.

Anyway, this crazy dog followed me for two and half miles out of my three miles, I run every day. He even found a tennis ball and brought it to me. I threw it and he brought it back for me to throw it again, a few times, that is until he got distracted and dropped the ball and left it where he dropped it, a quarter mile away.

Luck was on our sided because I have to cross a super busy street twice and we made it across, weird because there were no cars coming in either direction, both times. When I got to my street, he found another ball and the tossing game started again. However, again, a couple of dogs chained up in their driveways distracted him. He did leave the ball for those dogs to play with though.

At the two and a half mile mark, the dog ran into a backyard and I never saw him again. The funny thing, I have run over 2,000 miles, over the last three year or so, using that same route and I have never seen that dog before. He must have gotten out of the house and probably had one of the best days of his life, this year.

Funny thing, a few people, I see just about every day, asked me why this was the first time I brought my dog with me. I had to explain that he was just following. Maybe one day I’ll get a dog like, George, that’s what I’ll call him for now. However, I have cats so that’s not going to work out.

BTW,I found this picture, above, of the same dog that ran with me today. Only its nose was all black and he only had a little white tuft on his chest. What kind of dog is this? Or George?



Marbled Blue Skies
Green Grass, relaxing beneath
Bright Yellow Sunrises
Red and Orange Sunsets

Clear Waterfalls rambling onward
Brown Geese honking
White Swans swimming forward
Blue Jays singing

Roses tantalizing odors
Apples crunchy, tasty, sour
Wild Raspberries bountiful
Blackberry’s ripe for the picking

Trees bending slightly in the light breeze
Butterflies flitter along searching
Bee’s busy buzzing
Frogs croaking loudly

Dogs barking, playing
Children spinning wildly
Bubbles floating gingerly by
Laughter throughout

J.S. Bach softly playing
A glass of Red Wine
A Comfortable Chair
A Good book to read