Month: January 2015

The Pole

Excerpt from The Pole:

“Hey, guys!” Pete yelled from the latrine. Bobby and another barrack mate, Coop, poked their heads into the doorway.

“Listen up, guys. How about us meeting up at the Bunker at 2345.” Pete said, as he huddled over the bowl of a toilet, a nasty looking toothbrush in his hand. He turned back to what he was doing and continued to scrub the toilet with the toothbrush, now under the rim, as he talked.

“Eh, Coop, you go and round up the rest of the squad. Let them know that we’ll be meeting at the Bunker, at whatever time I said.” Pete said without looking up.

“2345.” Bobby interjected.

“Okay.” Coop said, and then promptly left the room.

Bobby went into the latrine and stood over Pete. For a long minute, Bobby stared into the ceiling.

“You know, Pete, if you weren’t such a disruptive influence–”

“Bobby-boy, don’t start with me!” Pete said, now scrubbing harder at the base of the toilet.

“Hey, those are the sergeant’s words. I think, you know, you shouldn’t go up against the sergeant.”

Pete stopped what he was doing and looked up at Bobby, sneering as he did so.

“You could be on latrine duty for the rest of your tour.” Bobby said.

“You got a toothbrush I can borrow?” Pete said, throwing the green stained bristled toothbrush at the trashcan. It bounced off one wall then off the adjoining wall and went into the can.

“Nothing but net!” Pete said, now standing up. “…and the crowd goes wild!”

“Look, we have got to talk!” Bobby said. Bobby took his tee shirt off and hooked it up under his belt. Pete stared at Bobby, deeply, darkly.

“If command finds out about this private war of yours the squad is going to go down in flames. You don’t want to see that do you?”

“You, my good man, DON’T HAVE TO GO IF YOU DON’T WANT TOO!” Pete screamed. “Neither does the rest of the squad.” Pete said, lowering his voice. “You’re right. This is my war. Come if you want to or don’t. I really could care less.” Pete sat down on the john.

“Could you get that brush for me?”

Bobby backed toward the door. When he reached it, he turned and went into the barracks. A moment later, he returned with his travel kit. He unzipped it and removed a pink toothbrush holder.

“Pink?” Pete said.

“Hey, my mother got it for me when I left earth, okay!” Bobby handed Pete his toothbrush and Pete returned to the meticulous job he had done so often.

“We’ll talk about it at the Bunker, okay?”

“Yeah, anything you say, Pete.” Bobby said as he walked over to a sink and removed a pink soap holder from his bag. He took out a bar of soap, turned the hot water tap on and started to wash his hands.

I don’t need no stinking resolutions!


To do or not to do; what was the question? Oh yeah, resolutions. Those things we do, at the beginning of each year and forget about two weeks later. Yeah, I remember those resolutions. When I was younger, I made a few every year and over time did something else anyway.

I don’t make resolution because, to me, they are usually not realistic. I usually just do it, one way or another without being any stronger, thinner, wiser, or poorer, in regard to resolutions. Take for instance, last year, I went to my doctor and he told me that my Blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol, and a few other things were high, as well as my weight.

Most of my life I have weighed, on average 210 pounds. I retired in 2006 and sometime in 2009, I got up to 265. In 2013, I decided that I was going to walk and ride my bike just about every day and just stay busy.  I finished with about, 1,100 miles, walking and riding my bike.

I said this in January of that year and acted like it was a resolution. In fact, I did manage to do that until October, Halloween of said year; I had gotten down to about 233 and was kind of happy. Of course, the holidays did me in. In January, I was up to 255.

This year I added running and the weight dropped. Today I am at 185 or so. However, that wasn’t part of any resolution, I just did it!

It starts again, do or not do. Well, I say NOT, just do it, is my new theme. NEVERTHELESS, I do plan on doing a few things that I have to get done and now is a good time as any to get them done. One thing I Plan to do, write at least a page a day; in my novel, or my blog, I just plan on writing. That is what I have settled on. I hope that that will help with the writer’s block I have been stuck with the last month or so.

I hope that I can finish my novel this month; I know the direction I want to go and have what I need to add outlined and plotted out. I just have to put it down on paper (computer). There are four or five books I want to write this year;

  • Finish R.O.B
  • Start, Surf’s up – a short story that just popped into my head recently and of course finish it this year.
  • Start, Time’s up – I hope I can make a story out of it, of course, it was in the deep recess of my mind and gurgled up to let me know it was there.
  • Start, Reflections of a Lady. Another book of poetry
  • Start, My Season, in Haiku’s…

Everything but Time’s up is outlined. I have to do it, I have to write, and it’s in there waiting to get out. I have quite a few more stories outlined and hopefully I can work on them to.

Of course, I also plan to continue on doing things and adding more as something comes up, that’s how my resolutions come up, I must, just do it. In fact, I am going to sit here, every day with a gun to head and write…or else!