Month: June 2014

The scents of my run

As I was walking, on my daily walk/run, trying to come up with some ideas for a new sci-fi story I started working on a couple of days ago, I smelled something that got me thinking a little deeper.

When I walk, I usually notice a few things that are so very prominent in nature and the real world that can either be a turn-on or a turn-off. The turn-offs, mostly smells and odors that don’t agree with the human nose. The turn-ons, mostly anything visual or have a great odor, in regard to nature.

I’m not saying that all smells and odors are turn-offs and I am not saying that visual things are turn-ons, though. Sometimes you have to use your imagination to put you onto those different planes of thoughts. Examples, from today:

  • Dog poop. This started the entire thought process. I guess not everyone picks up after their animals
  • Fish. Yes, you can smell fish. I learned this when my ex-father-in-law took me fishing, and I pass a tiny waterfall.
  • Wet grass. People usually water their grass in the morning.
  • Diesel exhaust. A UPS truck just passed by.
  • Garbage. A garbage truck just passed by.
  • Death. Yes, something has to be dead in the bushes I just passed by. I once found a body in the bushed like the ones I am passing through now, and I worked in a hospital for 30 years, I remember the smell of blood.
  • Cologne. Yes, some guy passed by with his window down and the fragrance was strong in this one.
  • Cigarette smoke. Once passing by a house. The second time someone driving by.
  • Wood or sawdust. A developer is building a brand new house, about a mile away from where I live and I guess a worker was cutting wood.
  • I am guessing some sort of fruit tree or bush? It’s blooming and the flowers are hanging over most of the sidewalk. I take a deep breath when I pass it every day.
  • Manure. That odor is plentiful along my walk. People are spreading it in their gardens or where ever they are spreading it.
  • Tar. Yes, tar. Many houses along my route are sealing their driveways with, whatever that stuff is.
  • Flowers. Don’t ask me what kind of flowers, but they are blooming right now, well, they have been for the last month. I did notice that the flowers in front of my house just bloomed yesterday.
  • Water. That is, water from a hose. You more or less smell the rubber. I remember that odor from my childhood when we use to drink from the hose. Something you don’t do nowadays.
  • Something that smelled like bar-b-que sauce. Someone was cooking on the grill today.

Yes, a few hours in my life as I run back home.



Feelings…I mean poetry


I love to eat! 


Eating is such a useless, futile habit.

We are a country of obese devouring

rabid, over-consuming, digesting, so and so’s.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to eat!

Today I had a tuna-tub, a giant cookie, a large

soda, and a five ounce bag of chips. What a

feast. I’m still hungry.

When I was younger I ate to live, never for

taste. I felt better, food tasted better,

I looked better. Hold on while I take a bite

of this tuna-sub.  A mouthful of chips.

There. Satisfied!

New Year ’s Day is twenty-one days away, and I

plan to start a brand new resolution. Lose

weight, or burst.





I hear your words — Not!

Respect is what you think you got.

You only manage to confuse the issues.

My head and mind are above you.


I’m not in the clouds where you stay.

Your feelings are cutting through my heart.

I realize that we must part.

‘Cuz, respect is what you think you got — Not!


Now, think of what is said and done.

That knife of a tongue you wield so clear,

listen to what you say my dear,

And sorry ain’t one of those I hear.


I don’t want your sympathy,

I can cry without it,

You and your sorry just don’t cut it,

Something you think you got, Respect — Not!


What do my Cat’s have against me?

As I was sitting on the John, today, something got me thinking. My Cats, Tom and Jerry were, laying in their perches, Cat trees, one in the kitchen and the other in the living room, knocked out, sound asleep, considering, it was kind of warm out today. Anyway, I had to use the toilet, so I tip-toed into the bathroom, placed the seat down as quiet as possible and sat down.

Within twenty seconds of sitting I heard that ubiquitous bell thumping along, heading my way, it was Jerry. Apparently, he has to know what is going when I use the john. WHY? I haven’t a clue. What’s up with that? I use to close the door when I had to do my business, but then all you could hear was the scratching on the door and carpet and usually a clawed paw reaching under the door.

I keep it open, considering I live alone, I mean, live with my two cats, because they ripped a piece of the carpet up, right at the door jam.

The first thing Jerry did when he entered the bathroom, he rammed his head right into my shin. He did that a couple of times, a sign of affection, or so the experts say. I think he just wants to break my leg or something, but I could be wrong.

Thirty seconds after Jerry entered, he decided to lay right between my feet and on my pants. I then hear another bell ringing it was Tom’s turn. Jerry jumped up and greeted Tom with a hiss and runs off. It is now Tom’s turn to bug the heck out of me as I try to read.

Tom, on the other hand, likes to walk in and out and between my legs as I am trying to read, among other things I’m doing in the bathroom.  Two minutes of walking around and talking to me (mewing non-stop) he decided that he is going to jump up onto the towel rack, some three and a half feet up the wall. Of course, he can’t really make it up there, but I give him a hand and now he has a better view.  I finish my business and leave him hanging, but I hear a thump as he jumps to floor when I get back on the computer.

I don’t know why I let my cats take advantage of me, but they do and I let them get away with it, a few times, not much but they still do. Especially at night, like when I got up this morning and found three fresh hairballs in the carpet.

Another thing that happens, well, not as much in the summer as it does in the winter, though. Anyway, this past Friday the temperature dropped to about 43 degrees. I don’t mind the cool weather I just add a blanket. The cats, on the other hand seek heat and I am the only heat source they can find in the house on a cool night.

This past Friday was the 13th, no bad luck involved, though, it is my lucky number (both of my sons were born on the 13th), but it was a full moon, which too is no biggy, it was just cold that night.  

For some reason I woke up at 4:35 am that morning and found myself staring at the bright full moon bleeding into my bedroom and I was just about to fall out of the bed. Why, you ask? My cats decided that they were going to join me, but they sleep in my bed the way they want to and if they can they will try and push me out of the bed.

They hadn’t been sleeping in my bed for the last week or so. Jerry usually never comes upstairs anymore; he and Tom have been having hissy fits and fighting a lot as of late, so he sleeps downstairs on the sofa. Tom usually sleeps in the chair under the window. For some strange reason I wake up, usually, anywhere between 4:30 am and 5:30 and I notice that Tom will be sitting on the window sill just looking out.

I figured out what he is looking at, to a point. There is a stray cat that lives under my back porch and on occasion, he or she will howl for a couple of minutes and the cats will fly, usually just Tom, up the stairs to get a look at this outdoors cat. And I have notice that there are deer walking across the front of the house to go into my backyard to either eat the apples or take a dump back there. I guess these creatures fascinate Tom and sometimes Jerry.

Anyway, I made a diagram of my sleeping situation of this past weekend. With any luck it will stay warm and I will able sleep in peace! As far as going to the toilet, I am just going to have to put up with those two and live in peace with them.



Getting ready to publish

I have been sitting in front of this computer since 1:00 pm. It is now 5 pm. I opened my Word program at that time.  Procrastination is about what I have been doing. I was planning to write something but my mind keeps wandering. I have accomplished about ten things that I needed to do during that time frame.

I just finished my second short story the other day and I in the process of trying to get a great cover. did a super job on my last short story, in May. They just sent me a draft, of a possible cover.  It probably will be the cover I will go with, though, I really like. Of course, a few things need to be cropped. Other than that, it’s doable.

One the things I have to do is come up with a Great title or stick with the one I have now, which is “POLE”. I kind of like, “The POLE”, but that too is tentative. I will see what gives in the next few days.

the pole

Next on the list is “Woman in Red”. However, I only have 3000+ words so far. I will have to embellish it in the next month or so.

Plus, I have been working on my third book of poems. Titles are the toughest thing for me, but I might stick with the one I have now: “Seasons of the setting Sun: Haikus”. Still adding summer and maybe a few more for the Fall.Image

The Only thing I have to watch out for is, constant procrastinating!