And, yet I wait…


And, yet I wait…

 And yet I wait…with further passion-

knowing that we only met,

what has felt like seconds ago in time.

But, our time together, so short,

Has made me realize what I’ve missed

In my Futile attempts to dream of,

What it’s liked to be kissed.


And, yet I wait…

Fantasies of you dance in my head.

My anxieties struggle with me,

Filling me with dread.

Like a river flowing through my heart;

My patience…grows, hoping my

Feelings for you never part.


And, yet I wait…

As the clock moves further forward

oblivious to the chime or tick tock…

I feel my patience wears thin,

As I watch the clock’s second hand spin. 


…And yet I wait. It’s still early, though, and…

in my heart, I know, you won’t be late.

Thus closing my booth, shutting the doors. 

So, I may walk with you hand in hand again.






I sometimes wonder why

in a time and place like now,

That love can be, should be true,

like black and white.


You peel away a thin mystical

vale from your eyes,

To hopefully reveal the inner

beauty I know, is you.


But…does conflict reside

upon the twinkling of your eye?

Behind that wanned and

plastic mask you hide?


Only to be offset by a weak

smile through full, parted red lips,

Of words deemed charming

you purposely let slip?


Or, was it I who besieged you

with words of romantic glory?

Who lead you up this

spiral staircase to perch you,


high upon a pedestal, above all,

in pearly white clouds?

Should love, our love, have been

written, in black and white?


Knowing what we’ve been through,

my only recourse…

Blow the clouds that hide

your beating heart,  then shatter your 


Stoic mask, break your morose

mood of black and white, then

wipe those tears that may

come and believe in you — us.


If love were truly black and white

Not etched in granites true might.

Could I erase all the ills that besieges us,

To have sweet dreams throughout the night?


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