Month: April 2014

My thoughts of nature


I don’t know why, out of the blue, just today, it just came to me that walking, jogging or riding my bike is cathartic. Not in the total sense of the word, the thought, but for my writing sense, world. Not only that, I hear things that I usually don’t hear any other time of the day. That’s not true; I have been hearing a lot of things, mostly sounds of nature at its best.

I usually meditate and when I have the window open I hear twice as many sound and try to make out everything including the different birds I hear. As for my jaunts throughout the neighborhood, there are quite a few things I have noticed and plan to write poems about them:

I have noticed, last week the fish in the lake were about an inch long today they are two inches long. The swans are nesting, as are the ducks. I have also noticed that the Blue Jays are gone and the woodpeckers are busy putting holes in the trees. The trees are blooming, tulips are fully opened, as are the lilies and, heck what are those purple things…violets, yes that are sprouting.Image

Today I noticed the birds singing, mostly robins and sparrows

Woodpeckers pecking

The young fish splashing in the water

A small waterfall bubbling Image

Children playing on a playground, there is a grade school about a mile away

Two jets roaring overhead

The sound of my foot steps on the pavement

A lady sitting on her porch talking on the phone

Bunches of dogs barking

The wind blowing through a pine tree

The sounds of car tires on the road

Another runners feet pounding slowly by

Someone hammering in the distance – I pass a house under construction

Ducks quacking

Swans honking

A fish jumping out of the water and splashing back into the water

The sound of a generator

And the sound of me breathing hard when I sit down in front of my garage door.

I now have enough to write about. And I feel totally at ease as I wait to catch my breath before I ride my bike, for a long day of feeling good.


The Bucket List…or things that I will probably do anyway



I’ve noticed that just about everyone, now a days, is putting together a bucket list. I was first aware of this “list” when I first saw that movie “Bucket List” way back in 2007. The more I think about it, it never occurred to me to find things to do before I die.

I’m sure there are millions of things to do, but being the age that I am now, I think I have done just about all the things I wanted to do in my life. Yes, of course there are a few more things that I could probably put on this so-called list.

Heck, I figure that my daughter-in-law, who is thirty something can do it why not me. There a few things that I really don’t care about any more like air travel, for instance, unless I am the pilot. Been there, done that. Besides, I am truly afraid of flying. I did most that when I was younger, but times have changed, I think for the worst as far as air travel is concerned.

But, I guess I could throw in a few places I would still love to go to. I mean I’ve gone white water rafting a few times, canoed rivers, backpacked and hiked trails, driven across the country several times and I do want to do that again. My list may be weird but it’s what I want to do before I die, my Bucket List.


  1. Publish my first novel
  2. publish my first short story
  3. publish my second short story.
  4. Have my first fictional autobiography, DAP traditionally published
  5. Finish my third novel, ROB
  6. Finish my fourth novel, Gate 4
  7. Finish my fifth novel, C-Med
  8. Finish my sixth novel, White Lake
  9. Finish my seventh novel, Pole
  10. Finish those 45 sci-fi stories I outlined 20 years ago


The list above I want to finish before I do the other things on my list.


  1. Meet every woman I have known through the internet…wait, I did that already, but heck I’ll have to do that again.
  2. Learn how to make beer
  3. Learn how to fly a plane
  4. Learn how to pilot a sailboat
  5. Learn Spanish, for real! I had it in High school, college, a Spanish speaking friend and I still can’t speak Spanish.
  6. Take the train to Montreal
  7. Learn how to ballroom dance
  8. Learn how to play the piano – I took lessons once, so long ago
  9. See a Full solar eclipse
  10. Bowl a 300 – I rolled a 299
  11. Hit a homerun in softball, over the fence — I’ve had an inside the park home run, but…
  12. Go to a Detroit Tigers game in every city they play
  13. See Mount Rushmore
  14. See the Northern Lights
  15. Learn to snowboard
  16. Run the Warrior Dash
  17. Run a half marathon
  18. Heck, run a 5k
  19. RV across the USA
  20. Drive to Alaska – a long time dream
  21. Finally, do at least one orbit of the Earth in someone’s rocket ship.

A Muse, my Kingdom for a muse or at least more confidence…


I have totally lost my confidence, in regard to, publishing my book. I just can’t find it. I have read my story repeatedly. I even had someone read it, who found a few mistakes and I corrected all of that they found. In addition, of course I found few errors myself and corrected those too.

My proof, of my story, came back and I read it again and I probably will go over it one more time. However, that was 3 weeks ago. My only regret is I didn’t have a professional reader read it. It’s not really regret but of a lack of funds. The writing business, for writers, is expensive especially if you don’t have the funds in the first place.

Yes, I am getting better at proofreading, but it is hard to go over your own stories. I do concede, I can proofread my stories, but what do I cut out and what do I keep in? The person who read my story indicated that I introduced my antagonist too early.

I have read quite a few Sci-Fi stories and watched more than a few Sci-Fi movies in my time and in those few, most writers introduced the antagonists, sometimes, at the beginning. Besides, I let a young Sci-Fi fan read it and that scene was fine with him.

On the other hand, that youngster suggested that I take out one scene where the antagonist is introduced to her future mate; since she was born in-vitro, she didn’t know who he was but met him, in that scene. The youngster mentioned that it really didn’t move the story along. However, to me it made a tiny bit of sense for the story, which gives the antagonist her rage later on.

Do I cut it out, though? I went over my story and for the love of me, I can’t think of anything else to add, I am stuck, considering, I wrote this story many years ago.

Now, my confidence is shaken, I don’t want to put it out there and have nothing but bad comments, reviews as to not knowing what the heck I am doing, writing a book. Of course in my mind the story is sound, as is the storyline and  plot and as far as I can see is (almost?) error free.

I know I am an amateur, (writing novels), in the writing business, considering I have been writing for more than 30 year. Yes, my start and degree was in Journalism and I have completed more writing in that part of the business then in creative writing and most of my stories are of the dreams I had in many parts of those past 30 years and before.

I know what I must do, since I haven’t written in the past couple of weeks, read and keep reading until I get it right. I added the Kindle app to my tablet and in the past few months, I have downloaded about 200 (free) eBooks. (Of course, I have purchased about a third of them, too.) I have to start reading now. Even though I have been reading a lot of books on the business of writing.

As sad as it sounds, I have read about 1000 books in my lifetime, but nothing, really, in the past 10 years or more. I can’t say all books though, just fiction, I’ve read a lot of non-fiction, which to me, isn’t the same as reading fiction.

As my writing life goes on, I must find some way to get my confidence back and write at least a page a day because I am getting older and hungrier and that worries me. Writer’s block, lost muse, or no confidence, I have gotta get it back.

Haiku’s of Spring


Sitting with Spring


In a lush forest

Sitting under a fir tree

Its spirit talks to me



Spring flowers


White flowers bloom over

Once green trees, fruit will grow there

Soon my mouth waters



Above the Chaos


Above the chaos blight

Upon the desolate ground

One pretty flower grows